Annie Pauza, founder of Decorator in a Box, is known for transforming a wanting room into a space that gracefully interprets the owner’s individuality, experiences and passions. With her portfolio of West, East, Midwest and Southern styles, Annie is fluent in a variety of décor approaches. Decorator in a Box brings you her expertise in producing beautiful living and working spaces that meet clients’ aesthetic, functional and financial goals.

Annie specializes in residential and commercial interiors. After receiving her Interior Design degree, Annie gained a wide range of experience in new construction, remodeling, model home staging and organization. By keeping the current resources in mind, Annie mixes existing furniture and accessories with new, recycled and reclaimed materials to help her clients achieve the right balance and flow throughout their spaces.

Annie enjoys her company Decorator in a Box and how it allows her to create designs for clients all over the globe. She loves being able to design a space for a client in New York one day and in California the very next. Annie’s favorite role is being a wife and mother to her baby girl.

Annie Pauza